The Breeding Multiply Center was started the build from end-2008, May 12th 2010, the BMC was welcomed the 1 batch of 40,000PPLs from Moana Technologies Hawaii. Since then, each year, the BMC has welcome 3 batches of PPLs in April, August and December with 100% operation capacity as today, the BMC can raising 60,000 breeders per year to supply to customer (local and export).

How to visit Moana Breeding Center Vietnam:

We are located at Son Hai village, Phuoc Dinh Commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province. 350km from Ho Chi Minh City or 1,380km from Ha Noi Capital.
Ninh Thuan is more close to Cam Ranh International Airport which have 3-5 flights daily from Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi City. Once landing at Cam Ranh International Airport you can get car/taxi to drive to the Moana Breeding Center which takes 2 hours.
Moana Ninh Thuan is kindly help our clients to arrange visa for visit Moana Vietnam
For more information or reserve the visit, please contact Ms Lan at +84.919.658898 (Viber, WhatsApp, Zalo… ) or email:

Rules and Guidelines for Visitors

Welcome to Breeder Production Center of Moana Ninh Thuan – Son Hai. This is a bio-secured facility where specific pathogen free (SPF) and disease free shrimp are kept. Therefore, strict protocols will need to be followed by all visitors. Please help us keep the disease out of our facility.

We apply a 72 hours (3 days) quarantine regulation, which means that during the last three days prior to coming to our facility, you should NOT have been to any shrimp aquaculture or shrimp processing facilities. This includes breeding centers, hatcheries, farms, cold storages, processing plants etc. If you have visited any shrimp aquaculture or shrimp processing facilities you will have to take shower prior entering the production units. Moana Ninh Thuan reserves the right to request any visitor in case of doubt to shower prior entry of the production units.

While you are here, you will be asked to follow the procedures below:
1. The visitors are asked to shower / wash hands and change into uniform before entering the working area.
2. Visitors are asked to put on approved footwear covers before entering any buildings.
3. The visitors are asked to follow the instructions of the guides exactly and not to venture into area not approved for the tour.
4. The visitors are asked not to touch any animal, or equipment and keep hands away from tanks and not to touch tank water.
5. You are not allowed to take photos.

As bio-security and disease prevention is of great importance to our operations, we expect all visitors to comply with our request.