Why Moana is unique:

• Broadest geographical selection of founder stock for any shrimp breeding program in the world
• The largest & most diversified specific pathogenic free (SPF) genetic pool for P. monodon, with traceable pedigree database based in the nucleus breeding centre (NBC) in Hawaii
• Fourteenth generation, domesticated P. monodon available for client’s breeder operations
• Parent Pl currently available from the Moana NBC, Kona, Hawaii that are SPF for all know viral diseases, pathogens and lymphoid organ spheroids of marine penaeid shrimp as listed by the OIE (world organization for animal health)
• Strong scientific based approach and support on diverse fields such as genetics, pathology, biotechnology, infrastructure and operations technology
• Meticulous quarantine & bio-security procedures since the onset of the program where the principle was to develop first an SPF population and then progress onto domestication, selective breeding for improved shrimp performance
• Family based (non-GMO) breeding program focused on improving selective traits of economical importance to the farm industry while conserving maximum genetic diversification
• The only P. monodon breeding program that has gone commercial on a regional scale selling SPF improved & domesticated P. monodon through Multiplication Centers (MC’s) to the farm industry